Our Vision Affordable Healthcare For All

In early 2020, an ordinary meet up of friends comprising veterans from the pharma industry, healthcare sector and general public, touched on a topic close to everyone's heart; Cost of Healthcare in Singapore.

That's where the spark for Saver's Med Community got ignited.

We envisioned Saver's Med to be encompassing the following main objectives:

• Empowering patients to collectively negotiate best cost of medicines/prescriptions
• Making self-pay healthcare more affordable for everyone by better managing their prescriptions

And you can change it, you can influence it

Steve Jobs

You are never wrong to do the right thing

Mark Twain


Saver's Med Community would like to thank all friends and supporters who have helped and contributed in so many ways to set up this platform. They believed in the concept behind Saver's Med, the power of collective, and how it has the potential to make a difference in society by helping members better manage their healthcare expenses. As the community continues to grow, we welcome any form of help or ideas from members that can improve this platform further and help us achieve our common objective together. Kindly get in touch with us: admin@saversmed.com