How Much Can I Save?

On average members can save hundreds of dollars on their annual bills for prescription medicines.

Take for example our friend, Bill... he is taking prescription drugs, as illustrated in the table below, to treat his hypertension and high cholesterol. Based on an average 20%* discount from the retail price, Bill's estimated savings are about $500* annually.

Medicine Price per Tablet Dosage Annual Cost Discounts $Savings
CRESTOR ROSUVASTATIN CALCIUM TABLET 20MG $4.85** Once Daily $1,770.25 20% $354.05
NORVASC AMLODIPINE BESYLATE 10MG TABLET $2.58** Once Daily $941.70 20% $188.34
        Total Savings $542.39

* Disclaimer: Discounts are subjected to the actual number of sign-ups we get for each medicine... the discounts can be sizeable.

For high volume medicines, discounts can be as high as 30% to 40%.

**The prices used for the demonstration above were referenced from the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore website for Drug Prices of Common Chronic Diseases.

You can do your calculations and assess your own annual expenses using the calculator below, applying our estimated average discount amounts.