Saver's Med members will be able to select a convenient collection point from the list of dispensing units provided in the member page. These dispensing units are participating clinics and pharmacies that have volunteered to support the community and it's mission.

Yes. You can sign up on behalf of your family member(s). Saver's Med only gathers number of patients on any particular drug to negotiate for a volume based discount. Once the discount is updated, you can pay the discounted price and receive the collection slip on behalf of your family member(s). At your selected choice dispensary you will need to produce the patient's prescription and photo ID before collecting your medicines.

A- Singapore Health Sciences Authority(HSA) has strict guidelines for bringing personal medications into Singapore. You can read about it here: HSA: Bringing Personal Medications into Singapore

With regards to buying medications overseas, like in Malaysia and Thailand, WITHOUT a prescription, well we rather you read what the professionals have to say about it here: A writeup about buying medicines online and other overseas pharmacies.

A- No. Saver's Med will only partner with leading local pharmacy chains and private clinics in negotiating discounts. All medicines will be issued through local HSA licenced retail pharmacies and clinics, providing convenient collection points for patients. Patients will be getting the exact same branded drugs prescribed by their own doctors, at a discount, collected at another local pharmacy or participating clinic.

All you need is an email address to register or you can choose to login with your social media like Facebook or Google account for convenience. You will not be sharing any other personal data or identity with the portal. You have a choice to receive discount updates on your mobile as well as email. Your information is safe. No one can see your data except you.

A- Individual clinics and medical centers usually buy medicines as separate entities. They do not have the volume to get good discounts to pass on to their patients. Due to ever increasing business overheads, individual clinics and medical centers are also not able to extend much discounts to their patients. When patients take control of their own prescriptions and join forces under Saver's Med, they now have the numbers to collectively negotiate like a wholesaler or stockist and negotiate greater discounts.

A- Yes. In fact, just like issuing itemized bills to patients, it is also Ministry of Health's requirement for medical practitioners to inform their patients either verbally or by displaying on notices in their clinics that patients can request for a prescription to buy the medicines from any pharmacy of their choice.

Many practitioners who value good doctor-patient relationship do advise their patients who prefer to fill out the prescription where the nearest pharmacy is and if they do have stock for that particular prescription.

Reference: Ministry of Health Singapore Website.

A- This is not an uncommon remark. Every patient should take charge of his/her healthcare expenses and should make informed decisions. Ministry of Health guidelines stipulates that clinics must issue itemized bills for patient charges and that the charges for each and every medication dispensed must be shown separately. So there really is no excuse for patients to not be aware of the prices they are currently paying.

Reference: Ministry of Health Singapore Website.

Saver's Med will negotiate better prices with suppliers to attain the best discount for the volume of medicine. So with many people signed up for a medication the discounts can be sizeable. As Saver's Med only charges a fixed fee, majority of the discount will go to you directly.
Members will regularly receive discount updates once their subscribed medicines have reached the volume qualifying for discounts from suppliers.

For high volume medicines discounts can be as high as 30% to 50%.

These types of discounts will simply translate into hundreds of dollars of annual savings for an average patient.

All patients taking prescription drugs* or medication on long term for their chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia and paying for their medicines, out of pocket**.

*A prescription drug is a pharmaceutical drug that legally requires a medical prescription to be dispensed.

(**Out of Pocket refers to cash payments and Medisave payments from members' own account.)